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This is my first Twitter header

It's supposed to be a 'clean' header so what are you guys thinking?

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I think it's Decent probably give a 6/10 probably look better with a little bit of colour!
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would look 10x better with a cleaner font on the right. something more simple to go with the clean look..something like typograph pro font
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Left side looks clean. The font complements the crown.

The right side I would suggest a change in font other than that 7/10
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This is just a constructive review so please do not be offended!

The only things I see that could be touched up would be maybe the Font choice, maybe add some more colors, and then I know its a simple header but just throw in some Layer styles if you're using Photoshop.

Now I am not a pro when it comes to designing, I'm just here saying what I would like to see on it if I were to use it.
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nothing special but its decent
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