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Is it running fine? I am nervous about buying it as I don't want to spend $60 on a game I can't run.
I haven't had any problems with BFV so I think I can run it but from what I have heard the latest cod games arent the when it comes to being Optimized
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Blackout is surprisingly super fun. I havent liked a Call Of Duty since Black Ops 1. At this point in the series i hated it. BUT the PC port is amazing well done and optimized and the battle royal is fun no matter how long you play. quick fast and smooth. would recommend
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I think the game is great the only thing I don't like is the looting when you kill someone I think it will be much better on pc but the over all game is amazing in my opinion they have done really well
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It's a good game, just checked out the beta today for the first time
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I haven't played the beta but from what I've seen it's actually really good
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i didnt play much of the beta but from what i played black out is alot of fun mp only one game mode which is called bank hiest or something like that(cs like mode) not sure if it will be in the half game(its not even a full game at this point missing singleplayer) but yeah the game is better then bo3 iw aw and ghosts, this is my opinion everyone else will disagree with me but im just stating from the little i played in the betas
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Very smooth from what I've played so far on beta, haven't tried out Multiplayer yet cause it was locked only battle royale and I liked it!

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It runs smooth, feels a bit clunky in my opinion, as well as my best friend and brother.
As for the actual game, I really don't like it, I could go into that further if you'd like, but the game in general does look nice and run pretty well on Xbox One
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Plays great, especially on console when the competitor is pubg which is horribly optimized on Xbox, even with the One X. They just gotta listen to the community and update accordingly, and i can definitely see it being a top game this year.

As for console gameplay, the only problem i have is when you try to pick something up on the go, you have to hold X, which is extremely annoying when your trying to pick up a gun in fast succession. Lvl 3 armor is a tad bit over the top, its not common, but when someone has it, you'll know because they'll eat at least 10+ Shots.

And the response to that on twitter, david Vonderhaar said something along the lines of, "We don't want to let people pick up stuff by pressing x once, because what about reloading?"

Kind of sucks, but i hope in the future we will be able to put our settings to it, to keep everyone happy.
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It's good, I've been playing it a lot lol
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