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I just thought this video funny lol I hope you enjoy it too

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SquadisBack (09-15-2018)
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Has Apple ever taken shots back at Samsung? Seems like Samsung is constantly taking shots at Apple and Apple never retaliates AFAIK.
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Dude Samsung's twitter is filled with roasts.

I'm an Apple use but man do I find that stuff funny I can't lie a lot of it's true lol.

I'm not huge into phones but I do like my iPhones.
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Yet apple have still sold more phones than samsung smh
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if you dont know by now that apple is superior to samsung then just keep buying samsung so we can keep the half brained away
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Ye I seen one ages ago haha seema that they do it quite a lot
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Samsung twitter is lit
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"So your nails multi-task-.. Ladie: which your phone doesn't" lol I think that was a burn I found most hilarious
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thats jokes
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this is high quality entertainment lol
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