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Hi! You can call me negativejacket, or jacket if you want! I joined so I can post and get help on my first custom PC build!

Nice to meet you all!

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Mikey (09-15-2018)
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Hey jacket, welcome to TTG, stay active
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Welcome to the site man!
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Hello, welcome to teh site remember to read the rules.
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Hello and welcome to TTG. I hope you have a good time here.
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Welcome to TheTechGame.

Check out the rules to get acquainted:


Here's the site ranks you can go for so give that a try ;)


Here's information on gold memberships in case you buy it or get gifted you know what it is:


PM if need help.
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Welcome to the site bro, if you need any help don't be scared to give me a PM
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negativejacket wroteHi! You can call me negativejacket, or jacket if you want! I joined so I can post and get help on my first custom PC build!

Nice to meet you all!

Welcome to the site dude have fun here and respect the rules
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Welcome to the forums if you want help with your pc build check out here - Forums/f=334/pc-building-forum.html

Make sure you check out the rules and come check out the shoutbox and get you're some friends
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Welcome to TTG my dude! Lots of people here know all about PC's so you came to the right place.
I went with what the user "13" suggested me, he's probably one of the most well known users in the pc section.
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