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Hi! This is my first post and my first PC build!

I've decided to take an old Powermac G5, gut it completely, and turn it into a nice PC for dual-booting iOS and Windows. I will use this computer for video editing, rendering, gaming, and the lot (pretty much a do-everything computer).

Where I'm at:

- I've ordered the internals from PCPartpicker after several iterations of parts lists haha, and a lot of research.
- I have almost entirely gutted the G5 case, except for the HDD case and the fans on the upper shelf (that shelf is a bitch and I'm trying to remove it atm)
- I have ordered the ATX conversion kit from The Laser Hive so that I won't have to make my own motherboard tray lol

So for my first post I thought I'd put up some photos and then keep everyone updated. If you see anything that I'm doing wrong or could be done better/differently please let me know!!! I really would love to have some feedback on this!

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Above is the shelf (the whole case is upside-down so this is the bottom of the shelf) and the red lines are where I have managed to cut so far. My dremel must not be that good cause it takes forever to make any progress! Plus I think I haven't cut far enough to the right, so I might have to do that vertical cut again

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This is just another angle of the same location. As you can see I'm trying to remove the shelf without damaging the little clip mechanism that holds the side of the case together!

Finally, here are some photos from when I was taking the other components apart, and of the case itself from the outside:

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Thank you for reading! Again, anything you notice that I could do better or differently please point it out!
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