Milestone[Saki] gets 30hunna reputationPosted:

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Still waiting on Sensei though, its hard in these skreets

Shout out 2:

All my Shoutbox boys

Everyone on my friends list







I think centurial still likes me

All the weebs I've converted over the years

Keith Cozart


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Brigand (09-16-2018), Tooki (09-14-2018), Tom (09-13-2018), r00t (09-13-2018), tuf (09-13-2018), M0B (09-13-2018), Ahri (09-13-2018), coolbunny1234 (09-13-2018), Zesri (09-13-2018), maDz (09-13-2018), Adam (09-13-2018), Jimbo (09-13-2018), Petite (09-13-2018), MGCPlays (09-13-2018), oHusky (09-13-2018), Mikey (09-13-2018), Craig (09-13-2018), Moonshine (09-13-2018), TastyCereal (09-13-2018), TTG (09-13-2018), James (09-13-2018), Loke (09-13-2018), Jay (09-13-2018), kamilca (09-13-2018)
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oh my good job saki

I am very proud of you

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I am really glad I met you


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Gratz on the 30hunna rep m8. That's a lot. Teach me the weeb ways? Thanks.
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Congratulations on the rep Saki.
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Congrats mate! That's goals!
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Congrats, Saki-kun
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Congrats on 30 hundred rep. Sure is alot.
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Congratulations on 3,000 rep! That is indeed a lot of reputation :p maybe you'll reach 4K in couple months, maybe less haha
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Congratulations on 3000 rep Saki, you cutie pie.
Anime is bad, but you... you are great.
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Congratulations on a huge 3k rep man, not easy i know but you smashed it my lil weeb friend.
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