Generalhow do you keep your headset wire tangle free?Posted:

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been going thru headsets like its nothing trying to find one that will stay tangle free so i dont have to feel like its pulling me towards my PC tower. how do you avoid this.
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With my astro's, it has a little cord that connects to my controller (in your case the pc) that unplugs from the headset, when it gets tangled or messy, i just unplug it and untangle it real quick.

Try looking for some headsets that allow you to unplug it from the base.

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These are the ones i had, you could look into the steelseries, they're pretty good.

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Small little chip clip style holders, or like small paper holders.
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I've been rocking my Turtle Beach for long time, well I have EliteGaming pro headsets now and they're very easy and comfortable headset
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I've always wondered about a solution for this, whatever I do, it just gets tangled haha
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