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Hi guys, don't know if people will remember me but I took a break from TTG due to busy life and work etc.. but I have decided it's time to come back

I used to be active everyday around a year or so ago and did a lot in the Xbox 360 forum as well as sold a fair few consoles/RGHs

Well anyway I'm back and noticed I'm now a 5 year member!

Will be a lot more active once again from today and feels good to be back.

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Welcome back and congrats on 5 year member hope you stick around
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Glad to see you return, I hope I see you around the forums.
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Welcome back, hope to see you around & congrats on 5 years!
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Welcome back to the site and congrats on 5 years!
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Welcome back
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welcome back my man!

time to be active again and start posting
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Welcome back ma dude
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Hey welcome back! You ain't to far from another milestone too.
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Welcome back bro, and congrats on 5 years member.
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