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I'm kinda like in the path of this ole hurricane here and I'm not overly excited about it.. Hopefully it doesn't absolutely just destroy where I live. Prepared for it as much as I really can? Everything else is just out of my control sadly.

Not sure if this is the right section for this, but I am posting it here lol

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It's fine to post it here bro

I hope you and you're family or friends Get through it or it doesn't effect you're area
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why do all storms and shit have retarded names?
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Fingers crossed that you and your family are going to be okay.
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Bet that's horrible bro hope things get better for you
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I thing about it that I'm worried about the most is the possible tornadoes or the severe flooding. If my house floods at all you bet you booty cheeks ima be throwin hands at the water.

EDIT: Forgot to throw in... Thanks for the prayers/well wishes<3
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Down in Florida we normally get Nailed but looking at the weather radar and see'ing 30"+ up north is kinda worrying on outcome.
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Stay safe fam, this storm is looking to be a big one. Update us after the storm and let us know how it was.
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In PA its been storming everyday, supposed to the rest of the week. I have friends in Outer Banks area that are getting evacuated...
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Not sure if its because of Florence but we've been having major down pours and flash flooding

Hope you and your loved ones stay safe
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