Milestone50 rep! Not a lot I know but still!Posted:

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I know it's not a lot compared to most of you, but I've not been that active and just recently came back to TTG after a long break.

I hope to carry on my gold giveaways and get that supreme gifter!

Thanks to everyone who's repped me!
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ayyyyy congrats on 50rep mate, im very close to 50 myself
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Congrats on your first 50 rep my man! Great to see you active a lot recently, you'll start flying through the rep soon!
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goos stuff man keep up the good work see u at 100
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Congratulations on 50 rep. You'll get to the big dogs eventually. Just keep active and hope to see you around.
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Nice one bro! Here's some more

See you at 100!
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Take some more rep.
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Congrats!! Here have some more rep cx
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