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PUBG came into our lives with a bang and alongside of forming the Battle Royale genre, was quick enough to gather a player base of millions. More games followed by PUBG remained to be the dominant force in the world of online games.

This dominance however, is steadily losing the count with each counting day. After almost a year of PUBG's rein, the game's daily player base has fell from the million count. On September, 10th [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , a feat that started last year on 8th September.

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This ends a yearlong run of popularity of the game which has now started to take a downward trajectory. And this is greatly due to the increase in popularity of other games most importantly Fortnite.
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Pubg has definitely lost players but the progress of the game and were it is currently sitting at there will always be dedicated players
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Hardly surprising, the game is by no means dead, but I doubt we'll see 3 millions concurrent players again.

Game just gets very boring and repetitive over time.
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With all the new games coming out in the coming months pubg along with fortnite are gonna lose quite a few players for a short while
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I think it'll keep going downward since blackout will probably take loads of PUBG players, especially on console
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