What game should we host for Game with Staff?

25.64% (20 votes)
Call of Duty: WW2
19.23% (15 votes)
Garry's Mod
5.13% (4 votes)
16.67% (13 votes)
3.85% (3 votes)
League of Legends
0.00% (0 votes)
21.79% (17 votes)
Halo: Master Chief Collection
5.13% (4 votes)
Red Dead Redemption 1
2.56% (2 votes)

Total Votes: 78

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I was thinking about hosting a game with staff event soon and need the community's help. The game needs to be able to have a lot of people in a game so don't recommend something that can only fit a small amount of players (i.e., Fortnite, sports games, etc.). I'm going to enter a bunch of games that feel suitable for this but feel free to make a suggestion down below.

What is Game with Staff?

Exactly what it sounds like. We choose a game and get a huge amount of people to play including staff members.

Will there be prizes?

Nothing big but you may see some rep and gold giveaways thrown around.

What platform will this be on?

I own Xbox One and PC.

I'm a big fan of MMORPGs so if we have some fans of those speak up. The games I have in the poll aren't necessarily the game we will choose so if you don't like any of those please post below. Of course this is all speculation but may as well have a go. If anything we may have to wait until Red Dead 2 or Fallout 76 gets released.

Tricks Edit: Stop suggesting Fortnite/Blackout, it needs to be able to hold more than 4 players at a time.

Jimbo Edit: Changed console to platform since I triggered Away

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GTA V would be fun.
Since MCC is on gamepass and is updated, we should get a big lobby of custom games on halo 3
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Fortnite or MW2..
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Who the hell put minecraft? They are a legend! I gotta build tricks a new house
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WWII is aids. Either MW2 or Blackout.
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  • Starwhal
  • Rocket League
  • Jackbox Party Pack
  • Minecraft
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Grand Theft Auto IV

These are selected games that I find more enjoyable and for the laughs when playing with a larger group of friends.
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Mw2 would be lit asf
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i can set up a terraria server and we can play that or a starbound server

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The black out would be good if we could set up private matches even trying to get everyone into the same game of fortnite would be good
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I love the sound of MW2. A game that kinda kickstarted the whole site in general. So many posts and modding lobbies going on blew the game up on TTG, atleast when i first joined. Id love to go back to it on Xbox with a few staff
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