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Epic Games is slowly preparing Fortnite Battle Royale players for season 6 of the popular video game. Season 5 should end in less than two weeks, and the game developer will most likely extend it for a couple of days. Despite that, the next season will start in either late September or early October, and it will bring many changes.
One thing many Fortnite players want to see is a map change. Fortunately, it seems that the developer will some big modifications to the in-game island in season 6, including a [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . The castle will be just one of many big things that will come with the next season.
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This crazy castle was hinted a few weeks ago when Epic games released a video regarding a Fortnite emote. The video had a Fortnite character performing the Capoeira emote near the Snobby Shores. The fans however, noticed more than just the emote and highlighted a castle in the background of the video.
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This would be great news, and a welcome addition. I think they should implement changes to various locations on the map, not just one per season.
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Made a topic about this already, I think it's coming for season 6!
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I'm actually getting sick of the game now I cant wait for black out to be fully released
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Yeah it will be live in season 6
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