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Only 6 days until the big fight who's your money on? I personally think the last fight was fixed as Golovkin destroyed him GGG all the way!
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both brilliant fighters, i have to agree with you on this one though, my money is also on GGG
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I seen things in the first fight i didn't think was possible. Both fighters hurt each other. Canelo is a beast at a very young age. If he's trained right, then i think he's taking it. The first was 100% a fix scoring 118 to 110 Canelo, the fight was a lot closer than that and the judge who scored it that wants hanging.

I really do like GGG but young lion wins IMO. In a fair judged fight it's Canelo's.
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It's a close fight, but if Golovkin fought like he did last time, he should win unless it goes controversial again. Canelo was gettng bossed for most of the fight so he will have to try and knock him out or change his gameplan, but don't get me wrong, he did have his moments in the fight.
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