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I've just been going through my emails from the old days and I had completely forgotten about my account on TTG

I am going to be active and trying to help people who are stuck with RGH problems in any way I can

One month and it's been 7 years! Great to see this community is still thriving, if you are reading this have a great day and stay positive

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Colzeyy (09-09-2018), LGW (09-09-2018), Craig (09-09-2018), Ye (09-09-2018), Mikey (09-09-2018), Couser (09-08-2018), Xbox (09-08-2018)
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Welcome back brother.

See you at 7 years next month.

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Welcome back to the site my man, hope to see you stick around this time
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Welcome back bro good seeing all the oldies come back hope you stick around
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Nice to see you come back, and awesome to see you try to help people with there RGH's.
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Thank you for the kind words guys it's much appreciated <3
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Welcome back to the site fam.
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Welcome back! Come chill in the shoutbox sometime
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Welcome back buddy!
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Thank you for such kind words and coming back to the community. Hope you enjoy your stay here (:
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