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I have been playing MW2 on the RGH since it's became backwards compatible, but with the menu I am using (Matrix xex) The force host is taking around 5 minutes for people to start joining my pregame lobby, but yet without force host on getting into a game is done within seconds. It's nothing to with my internet or server I'm using Xbonline, so I'm starting to blame the menus force host. My question is what in your opinion has a better force host tool and also better Game/Console options built in Chaotic or apparition?
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Chaotic is better imo I just got it today from the giveaway and it's pretty awesome love how many games it supports
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I am Support & Seller for Chaotic360 and I would say the future updates coming and as of now I'd definitely say Chaotic is better than apparation and I'm not just saying that because I work for them but because the tool is greatly developed and always being updated by our devs.
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Chaotic all the way, i own both and chaotic has more features and the support is way better. Where as app has decent features but the support is terrible
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Definitely chaotic bro
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I got both and I'll have to say chaotic.
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