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Hey everyone! I will be doing a gold giveaway and will pick two winners which will be later on today. To enter, just leave a comment and I will pick two at random! Good luck.


I'll be doing another one next week and probably will include more people who have the chance to win, instead of only just two! Thanks.

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Count me in bro! Thanks for giving back to the community
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count me in, thanks for the giveaway
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I would like to enter
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Count me in bro enjoy the rep
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Sure, ill enter! Why not

Thanks for the opportunity, much appreciated!
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Lets see if I can win shall we??
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Count me in please and thank you
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It's a Great thing that your doing for The TecH Game members and the site ttg community

Thank you for this give away. I would like to enter

Thanks again

Thanked and Rep added
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im in thanks for the giveaway bro
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