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GeneralCraig mod campaign 2018Posted:

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We need your support to make changes in this world. We already have Adam looking out for us now if we can Craig in there, we will have two qts from the U.K in charge of what we have for lunch.

Send in your votes!!!!

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This has my vote 100% he has earned this rank of master.
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Craig is a decent guy,

He's helped me a few time make it happen ;)
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Sounds like a good plan.
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Craig for El Presidente
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I'm casting my vote for dis. Creg is a nice guy, i like him lots n lots. He's a good memer.
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yea ofc he's a cutie and daddy material, could use that on the staff team. (I'll feel protected if he watches over me)
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If I vote yes, would I be allowed to eat ice cream for breakfast? This is like the most important thing to me chief.
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