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I haven't been online in quite some time. But i remember 8 years ago I changed my name to Mac Miller, little after I signed up for website. Mac changed my life much like this website changed it. Both were things that played a big role in my childhood. Mac changed my life man. He really did. That man inspired me with every word he wrote. Through the best of times. Through the worst of times. Rest easy Mac. You really are a king forever

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Rip Mac, he has some good music
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Rip Mac, Really hits me hard....
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This is so damn sad, his music is insane. I've come to really, really like him. This hurts a lot.
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RIP to another great rapper/artist we have lost this year.
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Some of my favorite memories were at his shows
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No way it was only the other day I was listening to him for the first time in forever
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The news yesterday broke my heart, I grew up listening to his music.

R.I.P Mac Miller

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growing up listening to macs music was a very important part of my teen years, RIP MacMiller the G.O.A.T
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He was a great artist and sad to see him go out like this. His music has helped a lot and still will
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