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is No one else excited to live their childhood computer game again or am I just having a nerdgasm moment
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Sorta, we just live in a time where most things are usually mobile, may it be on my phone or a laptop, i was always able to play it on the go, it being in the app store just makes it easier.

Plus, when im usually on the go, i tend to get carsick when i play games or read. I can't really think of a good place to use it besides like a bathroom break at work or waiting for a Uber.
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Never really played RuneScape not my type of game at all
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I'm excited for it but stopped playing runescape and pservers a couple months bored / burned out but will most likely download it lol.
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I touched RuneScape once and never got into it. Planning on trying it out when it comes out for Mobile but haven't really read up on it.
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