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I recently changed some stuff in bios because I thought it was help with fps, but it actually lowered my fps... any way I can revert to old settings? Or which settings are could for perfomance boost?

I have an ASUS Maximus Ranger VII
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I don't know what settings you have change but you should be able to go into your BIOS and restore the default settings.

If this is not possible, power down and unplug your PC. Wait a few minutes for the charge to dissipate and then find a small circular battery on your motherboard. You should be able to remove this, hold down your power button whilst waiting for around 30 seconds or so and insert it back in. This should reset your BIOS. You can plug your PC back in and turn it on, go into the BIOS settings and double check.
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pretty much spot on approach said above, or load the bios, f5 to load defaults and f10 to save and restart. this saves you having to open the side panel off
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I don't think anything would change your FPS other down scaling your graphics and turning off apps while playing.

I wouldn't mess with BIOS especially if you have no idea what you're doing there.
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