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Does anyone here watch Prison Break? If so, what were your thoughts on the show?

I thought it was overly dramatic in some aspects but had very good actors.
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The writing throughout the seasons was sublime in my opinion, there was a few moments where things wasn't as good as others, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Season 1 was by far the best out of them all though.
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Definitely not over dramatic it started to run away with its self towards the last season's but I thought they were great
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Season 1 was the best. But still over all good series
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Was Better , Slowly Loosing interest for sure.
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Loved the first season and wasn't disappointed by the rest either so I would highly recommend it to everyone who hasn't seen it
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I loved every season of it except the last. The last season was so poorly done with barely any storyline. It felt rushed and it absolutely was. The only reason it was brought back was because of the fans who all wanted it back.
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I binge watched the entire series, loved it.
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Season 1 way amazing. I just loved everything about it,

Then season 2 came out it felt rushed started to lose interest but I finish it.
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Prison Break in my opinion was an amazing show. But it got repetitive. Each season they would end up in a new prison and from the title you knew they were going to break out.
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