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  • Winter 2018
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Hello everyone, In celebration of the Anime club reaching 150,000 members we are giving away 60$ Xbox credit.

Interested in entering? Here's how:
Sign-up here: New User Registration

Reply to this thread with a comment of who your favorite character is from any currently airing anime, and your Xbox LIVE Gamertag (so we know who you are in the Anime Club).
The winner will be chosen on the 9th of September and Privately Messaged with details on how they can claim their prize.

Be sure to actively utilize our section of TheTechGame, so you may stay up to date for any and all future discussions, events and giveaways!
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Winners GT will be checked to see if you're a member of the club!
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Favorite Anime Character Currently: Zero Two (DARLING in the FRANXX)
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I dont watch anime as it airs but my fav is ganta from deadman wonderland, my gt is itspixelbeast, I think im in the rigth xbox group, ifnot please let me know
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Favourite anime character from a anime airing at the moment: Ren Amamiya Persona 5 the animation

My gamertag: Alexrs2015
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My favorite anime is shokugeki no soma and character is from series is Erina Nakiri as She has the god tongue
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  • Winter 2017
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My favorite anime is My Hero Academia , and my favorite character is Bakugou , he's a bad ass.
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Favourite character from current running anime is Momonga from Overlord III
Gamertag on Xbox: Vegas Vault Kid
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Favorite Character: Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!

Gamertag: No Mercy1800

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My favorite anime character is Luffy, from One Piece.

Gamertag Ghostbr50.

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  • E3 2016
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not that bothered but my favourite anime is tokyo ghoul, because you know basic bitch
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