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So I'm going to be aiming for the gold gifter badge so I'm going to be gifting gold to a few lucky people. To enter just leave a comment on this post and if you would like to submit someone you think deserves it that's fine. Feel free to rep and thank the topic but you do not need to do this to enter.


I will be picking 2-3 winners every Friday until I get the gold gifter supreme badge so make sure you all enter and I'll get around to you all

Winners so far

Good luck guys

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Thanks for another one bro.
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I'll get in on this mate.

Much appreciated.

Good luck to all!
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Thank you for doing this giveaway mane

i'm just returning from the shadows to this domain
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Free gold you say? Thanks for doing the giveaway man!
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I'll enter thanks man!!
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I'd like to enter this!!
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Free gold? Sign me up cutie pi
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I'll enter bro thanks, and If I should pick who deserves Gold would be Mikey, He's a great help to the community
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I'll enter thanks also my friend Olivia deseeves some too .
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