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So I need some advice, I currently have this set up.

Sorry for the mess couldnt be bothred to clean up just for a picture and no the pump bottle isnt some lube its after sun for my sun burn

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So basically I currently have my curved 24 inch monitor ontop of my xbox and I want toc lean up the look of my setup. The other two monitors are 21 inchs and are ona double arm stand.

I want to mount my xbox one under my desk along with my pc and have the 3 monitors all on mounts. I am wondering should I go and buy a triple arm mount and put my curved one into the center I would have to buy this adaptar and mount.

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Im not sure if I could mount all 3 in the config I want, Should I just buy another mount but a single mount and have it off to the side?

If I manged to mount my xbox underneath along with my tower, the top of my desk would be clear of stuff other then my keybaord and mouse and would look a lot cleaner. I also hope to get some leds for backlighting but unsure as the best way to light the back of 3 monitors

Once again sorry for the mess
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wow your setup looks amazing bro
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