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9 Year member now, honestly feel like I'm getting old quickly I remember finding TTG during CoD WaW MW2 times and now look nearly 10 years later. I don't come on the site as nearly as much as I used to but i still stop by every now and then and here when new games come out.
Some people might remember me which is cool, heres to 10 years.


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Congrats on reaching 9 years dude, cya back here next for the big decade...
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i have no clue who you are but congrats on the 9 years
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Grats on 9 years dude
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Congrats on the 9year mark, I think a lot of people who have been here as long as you have joined for roughly the same reason lol.

But good luck on 10 years
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Wow, thought you was a ded account m8! Great to see you again and gratz on 9 years!
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Congrats on 9 years Hurleh !

I definitely remember you being super active around the site a few years back.

You mickers and I was battling it out before the ATH badge.

Crazy how quick these years are flying by and how old we all are getting.

Hope everything is well with you.

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