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How do you actually start streaming? I seem to never get viewers.
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There's tons of guides all over the Internet.
The most important is staying consistent.
Next would be advertising your stream, posting it on something like twitter or facebook for friends and family could put you at a good start.
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Streaming isn't easy as it takes a lot of time and dedication. As a beginner streamer, you'll be staying at a low viewer rate for awhile until your content grows and more viewers come to watch you. If your content is good, viewers will enjoy and continue to watch daily. maybe word will go around too as you continue increasing viewer and follower count.

Like Maze said, advertising is also a key to grow so linking your content on discord, tweeting you're live on twitter, mostly any social media you're accountable on. Members like to have a topic in the social media forum and keep bumping whenever they're online.

Time is key.
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I suggest you start by telling close friends & family, that's a good start for a viewer base, yes it will still take a lot of time to grow, but it's a start the more views you have the better asking family and friends to stick around even if they don't watch but just to have it open, will put you up there more.
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It's just about being consistent with your streaming I have recently started myself and only just started hitting 15-20 viewers a stream which isn't bad to say I was getting 2 viewers a week ago
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Personally, you could jump right into a oversaturated streaming community like fortnite and still bring in viewers, you just gotta make your stream look professional and not like you do it on the side for fun.

First, get a elgato, try to stream at 720p-1080p, get some templates.

For example, Here's how my friend stream looks, and he just started.

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It's a clean setup. He put time into making it look presentable. Quality over quantity.
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Social networking & branding your channel will help you out
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