GeneralSo today marks my daughter being 6 months old.Posted:

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So on the 8/2/18 at 5:05am. I was blessed with the birth of my first born child.
This was the reason i went afk for around 8 months. I did pop in now and again mainly on Saturdays or when i had free time.
I remember counting down the days until birth with the shoutbox crew and OP users like Sean. Now she's 6 months old i couldn't be anymore happier. She truly is a blessing to me. I'm starting to find a bit more free time now she's able to do certain things herself. So this could possibly be a come back post as well?

Daddy & Daughter pic <3

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See you guys either at my next milestone or her 1st birthday

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Congrats on being a father

Lovely picture of you and your daughter my friend!
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It's funny because today marks my youngest daughter being 7 months old! Congrats!
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Whenever I get the chance to talk to, I realize how happy and blessed you are. That makes me very happy for you, and I hope the lives of your family continue to be filled with happiness and joy. Congratulations and great work, Jay, happy 6 months to the little one
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Great job staying sane brother!

You both look the exact same!
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Congrats bro
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Congrats on being a father.

She is adorable and I can't wait to see her at a year old.
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Congrats man that's a real blessing!
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This is the types of posts I love seeing on this site. Gotta bueatiful daughter, Jay. God bless ya man.
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Congrats, before you know it she'll be walking around. Time goes too fast!
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