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So it's been a long time I've been trying to unlock it but they never help me anyone ever get help or knows how to unlock it
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I'm having the same problem I respond to the emails but never get a email back.
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Do you have any information you can give us on why it's locked and what you have done to try to get it unlocked?
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Yea I sent out all my details credit card and everything but no help sucks cause I redeemed a 25$ Gift card and probably won't get it back
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Contact customer support directly via telephone, you should have a resolution quickly enough man.
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i have this problem as well sometimes
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Yeah I would definitely call them I've had it issue similar to this before and all it took was one phone call and everything was taken care of. I hope that everything gets settled for you and that it all works out.
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how many times have you entered the wrong password? also amazon wont help jack sh*t
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I want to help you with this so been searching online for minutes now trying my hope to fix this for you. Some articles are saying they tend to lock your account for "security purposes" meaning you're buying too much and Amazon themselves are thinking the credit card could be stolen or not your payments. If you are totally locked out of your account cannot logon you need to submit a plan of action from the main email address on the Amazon account

[quote.]The plan of action needs to. address think caused Amazon to close your account. . You need to do a self-evaluation trying figure out why Amazon had a problem with your selling privileges. Sometimes the issue is easy to discover. Sometimes the issue is harder to figure out.You could make ya new Amazon Account set it up as Japanese then turn the language to English maybe if you want to go down that path?

If you find it easier just contact support via telephone. I wouldn't email as it takes days even weeks for one simple reply I find.
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