FortniteAny Vbuck Glitches? or Save the world Glitches?Posted:

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anyone know of Vbuck glitches or save the world glitches/duplication?
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No there is none sorry man.
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There isn't any the only way is to purchase them through the store
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I think there is a way to get vbucks for alot cheaper but you will have to ask around I don't know the method.
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Glitches - no.

Method - yes.

You can get vbucks for a lot cheaper than they are advertised on the in-game store. This method isn't against terms of service so you won't get banned.

You can google 'Vbucks Argentina VPN Method' and it'll provide results but this way works for some and not for others and proves very niggly.

The other is check on which country is offering the cheapest for however many you want to buy. (Argentina is crazy cheap but this method doesn't work for Argentina.)

Go to and figure out how much the vbucks are you want to buy in that currency (change your location at the bottom) - then head to a site that sells GIFT CARDS for said country you found the cheapest. Buy enough to cover the price and then redeem them at while signed in under a different region.

Once redeemed - it may take a while to update your microsoft wallet with this currency so be patient. The head and purchase using said wallet while still in that region. Once purchased, it'll take a couple minutes and your vbuck balance will be updated in-game.
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DarknessGamers wroteanyone know of Vbuck glitches or save the world glitches/duplication?

There's a cheaper vbuck method flying around on here
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Check out the Argentina method man. Argentina Method
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Theres a Defender Glitch on Save the world but thats the only glitch really
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