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I finally did it TTG. I managed to spend hundreds of dollars on this beautiful website so it's members can enjoy the blessing of The Tech Game, LLC premium membership. I got 100 gifts of gold and upgraded my gold gifter badge to a gold gifter badge with a plus sign. Why stop now? I definitely want to continue giving out membership just not as often as I have been. It's been a beautiful ride and I hope everyone that has been blessed by my gifts has enjoyed their membership/extended membership. My next goal is 1,000 rep so see you all next topic.

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Thank List

I don't like to shoutout particular people because that would make them feel special so:

Anyone that stops by the Shoutbox
All the staff members for keeping this site nice and clean for my christian eyes
Sean and Telli for creating this beautiful website that has given me the opportunity to make so many friends over 8 years
Nick for providing me with the lit gif

That's all folks. Thanks for all the great memories these last 8 years. I'm glad I'm able to give back to the community I spent all my teenagers years with.

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Congrats buddy. Been a long time coming... Once the rep limits reset I'll deliver some more xD
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Congrats brother! Glad I was one of the hundred who was gifted
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Congrats on gg+ glad too see some ogs giving back!!
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congrats on being a big spender brother!
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Congrats Jimbo! GG+ is a huge commitment to the site, and its always super cool to see people be so generous. Thanks for the gifts of gold also
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Big congrats bro
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Welcome to the club! Congrats.
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Congrats big guy! Thank you for all of your contributions to the site.

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Awesome man, you're a credit to this site.
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