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I work at Costco Wholesale in the tire shop and I love it other than the fact I dislocated my shoulder last week. So now I gotta work the sales desk til I get cleared.So just curious to see what everyone does outside of TTG.
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I am currently a flight instructor and entering as a freshman at Caltech.
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I make salads and sandwiches at a restaurant...
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I'm a heavy equipment operator lead, for a recycle facility.
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I work on a building site.
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I work at a cheese shop, I'm the youngest certified cheese master in my whole state.. It sounds lame, I know. However, I actually love what I do, reading about how all these different types of cheese, where they're from, the awards they've won..... It's pretty awesome.

Plus it doesn't hurt that it pays handsomely lul
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I'm a civil engineer in Aberdeen, Scotland
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Managing local pizza place while getting my degree as an IT specialist in college.
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I'm working as a software technician at a SaaS company.
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Security at a casino. Decent pay and not a lot of work just dealing with thief and drinks really.
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