GiveawayBinqo's Gold Giveaway! Tell me a joke.Posted:

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If you've never had gold or even if you just want a name change, all members can enter even gold members!
The joke that has me in tears wins
Make me chuckle!
What you TTG Boys got ;)
Winner picked 24Hours from now.
Please don't google jokes
I want to hear they hand me downs lol

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What's blue and not heavy?

Light blue
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Whats an italian Stripper Called?
A Pastatute
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Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?
He was just going through a stage.

Thanks for the chance!
Good luck to all who enter!

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What do you call an overweight chicken?

A fat ****.
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What do you call someone who posts alot on a gaming site?
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Biggest joke of them all?

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Why dont seagulls fly around the bay?

They'd be called bagels
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Q: Why should you stand in the corner if you get cold?

A: It's always 90 degrees.

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Why can't you play cards in a jungle?

There's too many cheetahs.

(seen it on a movie XD )
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