Milestone8 years-still not 100 rep lolPosted:

  • E3 2017
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Am a bit late, just am logging back to see I've hit 8 years. Happy to see the site is still functioning with active users till this day.

The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to Conall- For This Useful Post:

Xbox (08-05-2018), Tom (08-03-2018), Mikey (08-03-2018), Jimbo (08-02-2018)
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Welcome back! The rep bunny will help you on your quest to 1hunna
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  • Winter 2017
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Congrats man!
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Welcome back and welcome to the 8 year club!

Here's some rep to help you get your first 100
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Here is some rep bud hope you hit 1hunna soon
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Grats on 8 years you will get 100 rep soon enough
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Gave you a little 8 year member present hopefully can get to that soon brother good luck!
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  • Winter 2018
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Congrats bro.

Have some rep to reach your first cheese block
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Welcome back bro!

more rep than me, haha
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You'll get there soon enough!
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