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So I just bought a white 2015 Ford Fusion SE, and I want to black it out (rims, windows, spoiler, etc.)

I just need to know if you guys have any good sites you use to buy your rims/tires.

Let me know!
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I'd browse around Facebook market/Craig-lists in your area.
My buddy finds great prices on FB Market all the time.

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For wheels and tires I go to Discount tire because I know that any issue I might have with them (if bought new) they will cover.
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Check CustomOffset's, Aswell as Facebook.
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[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] is ight. you can even see what the wheels would look like on ur car beforehand.
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Can get a pair of wheels and tires or just wheels themselves.

Also can preview the wheels on the vehicle beforehand
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