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PlayStation 4Fortnite - Our Squad Got Owned By One GuyPosted:

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Hey guys! I am a brand new YouTuber and I wanted to show you a nutty video. I was squaded up with 3 of my mates and we got owned on the VERY LAST PERSON! Let me know on the Youtube comments if this has EVER happened to you. You can skip ahead 1 minute to skip the conversation were having about changing the starter island to giving you max mats to build.

I posted this on a different section and I am really looking for MORE great feedback from the POLE or through comments on here.

Enjoy ! Subscribe if you have the energy to click. I cant tell you how much it would mean to me.

Here is the raw link: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

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Petite (08-01-2018)
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Nice video again, keep it up and if you stay active I'll drop you a sub.
Sounds like you're passionate doing it and that counts a lot in the YouTube world trust me...
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Thanks! I'll be uploading again once I get some good clips for a good vid.
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Keep up the great work!
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