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Hit 700 rep and remembered I never made a milestone topic for Arcade King.
Super hyped to have the badge, it took hours to get over 10 hi scores in the arcade. Good Luck to anyone trying, if you want a challenge I suggest trying Helicopter, Hockey, and Yeti Sports as they all caused me loads of stress.

Thanks to the homies TastyCereal, bun bun, jukly, Taylor, Mikey, tricks, goonbag, and especially mortar cause that guy is a straight nerd in the arcade. Sorry if I missed u but you know if I love you


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700 rep! and a cool new badge that not many have. Congrats cutie, I hope everyone knows that Maze is the coolest member on the site! 11/10

300 more rep!

Also that helicopter game gets me tilted lol
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Hockey and Yeti require hitting the sweet spot to get top 10.
Pacman is the easiest as long as you follow a set path.
Congrats on the Arcade badge and maintaining your ATH huehue
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So want that Arcade Bade, looks hot asf man, congrats to you bro, and well done for holding on to that ATH badge
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Congrats mate!
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Good job dude Iv seen you around allot with quality post and your a chill dude so congrats.
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Big congrats brother
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Congrats my dude! Well deserved, you're a beast in the arcade. Helicopter is hands down the most frustrating flash game ever created. Great job!
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Congrats on the arcade badge man, looks nice!
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Congrats man!
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