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Hi guys I am back on the game save scene. Its been about 8/10 years since I last used modio and had a wire for my old xbox 360 hdd. Now it appears to be usb flash drive.... and modio no more...

So I have formatted my usb drive 64gb on the xbox 360.

I have joined this website/forum /.... HELLLO TO ALL

Do i need the game istalled/disc to use the game save to get the achievemets? may sound dafct i cant rememebr - I do rem,emebr getteig aimbot on MW" years ago on single playere lol the mods oh man amazing.

I am like the noob i no, I use a XIM on my XBOX X ad theres always noobs asking how do i do this how do i do that...... yes thats me now lol

whats the dance now, can anybody give me a breakdown of protoval to use the saves and gain some acheivemets.

I am riunig a old 360 for this and my XBOX Xnot beiung used for this can it be used?

Oh by the way i am off work due to ACL repair on my knee so i need to keep my self busy.

many thanks guys/gals

PC/Xbox gamer

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Welcome to the site.

Hope to see you around.
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Hey man welcome back
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Welcome back. To answer your question, Gametuts is no longer hosting the servers for Modio, meaning you cannot download or upload anything. You will need to find an alternative.
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Horizon is still around I think it's a little more advanced than Modio though but it works like a charm I'm pretty sure there's other ways to get modded saves as well. Also welcome to site man!
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Modio those where the days lol.

Anyway, welcome to the site fam.
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