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Tell me what you guys think it's worth please
Loads on there
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Pretty much the only thing that makes fortnite accounts actually worth something is skins and maybe like 3 axes.

So if you don't have any season 1 or 2 good skins then it's probably not worth that much.
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Probably like $50 if that brother. Nothing special on there
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Reckon if you got a swap with a skull trooper that account would be worth some couple hundred
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Like 75$ max around 30-50
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There is only a few things in here that would be worth anything. Top 2 would be Axecalibur and Black Knight. Other than that there isn't much on the account as far as rare items. I would say due to the bulk of other skins on the account around $100 would be the very very max that someone would pay for this account. As someone said above, if skull trooper was on here this account would be more marketable. If you have crazy stats that could help out a little bit. Say 500 - 600 win plus a 15% win rate and up could help. Also, if you had a K/D around 5.0 or high that would be an extra bonus. Those stats could bump you up an extra $10 - $15 for the right buyer. If you want to sell fast, $50 - $80 would be the range I would target.
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