FootballFavorite NFL Team This Year?Posted:

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I'm wondering what everyone's favorite NFL team is this year! Ima day uhhhhh Broncos

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DEX_Snoke (07-31-2018)
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Patriots for me
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Minnesota Vikings
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Black and Yellow ALL DAY !
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-M0B wroteMinnesota Vikings

Vikings as well for me
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Tampa Bay has been my favorite team since 2003-2004 and still is my favorite team. Hoping for a good season this year!

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I don't really watch nfl but when I do I watch the Green Bay Packers
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Patriots for sure - have had season tickets since I was a kid. If there's enough interest I'm hoping to run a TTG fantasy football league this season as well! Let me know if you guys have interest in this, I'm obsessed with football statistics and fantasy is a great way to connect with the community!
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Only NFL games I've watched is when the patriots have played so I would say them
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New York Giants baby
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