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Seen EA releasing free packs and had to jump back on to get it and be rude not play it now.

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Dalm (07-19-2018)
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Damn bro i got a 75 in form korean and adrien silva...

my pack luck is dreadful dude i swear EA have a curse on my account
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Nice dude!

My pack was complete trash haha
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I got 89 Icardi, that's it.
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Lucky man, that's a great pack
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That's a sick pack! I've never had a legend in a pack yet. Free packs sounds good might idiot reinstall fifa just for them if they're being handed out
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Unreal luck. All I got was IF Saul and IF Wijnaldum.
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Best pack i've had on this has to be the recent one 2 days ago. 93 TOTS Sane. Not been on for ages due to becoming a daddy. £50 on points well spent
Nice pack tho bud.
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In my pack yesterday I got 91 Lozano!
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Great pack mate wishing I had that pack luck haha my pack luck is trash
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