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Congrats on the 9 years man. Such a long time!
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Just to think, 9 years ago you were an annoying ass kid no here, haha. Congrats Forest on the milestone bud!
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Crazy how fast time flys.

Great staff member and an even better person. Glad to know you mate, hope your not going too wild in those trees partys.
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Congrats on 9 amazing years Forest.

Definitely one of my favorite members I've ever met here.

Hope everything is well and do wish to see you in the shoutbox more.

Seems like yesterday when you had to the matching purple 7 year and name.

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Congrats on being a great member for 9 years bro.
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Congrats on 9 years fam!

Crazy to see how time flies by!
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So many Users have been Hitting 9 Years it seems well. Congrats man!
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