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I'm here wondering what everyone's favorite anime is. Mine would have to be Seraph of the end or Darling in the FranXX for sure.

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I always enjoyed the Pokemon shows when I was growing up. I know that's gonna get hate, but it's one of the only Animes I really enjoyed watching.
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Hunter x Hunter 2011 is my All time favourite anime either that or One Piece
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That's a pretty heavy question. XD There are so many I could name off the top of my head, but if I had to choose only one, I'd say....honestly I can't really choose just one. It's a tie between Assassination Classroom, GATE, and My Hero Academia.
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Bleach or DBZ
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I can't pick tbh but I'd probably pick the 2 animes that got me into it like 8 years ago so I guess
Souleater and fairy tail

But gotta add Tokyo Ghoul and darling

Idk way to many to choose from
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My favorite anime as of now is Darling in the Franxx. But, im sure ill re-watch or watch another anime and say the same thing. Relationship wise, Darling in the Franxx. Action / fighting wise, Dragon Ball Super.
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Sword art online
Fairy Tail
Shaman King
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My Hero Acadameia
Fate/Stay Night Unlimited bladeworks
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I think Akame ga Kill was pretty good
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