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Just gonna make this short and sweet. I graduated High Schools today which is obviously one of if not the biggest accomplishments of my life! Now my next milestone is to enlist in the US Army! As for the thanks list I mean obviously none of you helped me get through it so I would really like to thank my mom, sister and brother in law for all the support throughout the years! Also message to you's who havent graduated yet I know you have heard this time and time again but believe me! Never give up because there is honestly NO better feeling then walking across that stage and grabbing your diploma in front of all your peers you have grown up with! As I am writing this I now realize this is not "short and sweet" at all lol so let me end this here! Will leave some pics in the spoiler below!

Some* pics from tonight!

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Congratulations on Graduating!!
And I hope you are accepted into the US Military and that you are safe when/if you do go out to the frontlines.
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Congrats on it man!

I hope your future works out for you.

Good stuff!
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Congratulations on graduating man!

"This is the beginning of the rest of your life"
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Congratulations man wish you the best of luck in your future
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Congratulations Bro!
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Congrats bro!
2 of my close cousins also graduated a few days ago!

Hope everything goes as planned for you bro!
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Congrats Cookie, that's a huge life achievement!
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I also graduated, on the 31st. Good luck with everything man
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Congratulations this is a huge accomplishment
Wish you the best. Best advice I can give you. Is think before you do . Thinking 3 steps ahead before you do something can get you along ways in life and keep you safe and hopefully out of hard times.

Good luck in the future
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