North Korea is shutting nuke sitePosted:

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In May, Kim Jong Un leader of north korea is planning to suspend tests of nuclear weapons and missiles and he is also shutting down the countries nuclear site.

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While in a time of reducing numbers of warheads, USA has decided to pull out of the Iran deal. Splendid.
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I mean they can both say that they are doing that but can we actually believe that?
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Just like Sage said above, I'm not buying it. If they are then I wouldnt doubt they have something else in store.
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They have something big and better in store, I know it.
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I reckon there up to something no doubt about it, I don't trust no government and I definitely don't believe anything they say.
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They're probably creating one thing much bigger.
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With the way things are going, hopefully all the stress caused by the North Korea crisis will be over soon
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I hope it's over, but they could be covering something up...
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It's all a front, they must have a back up somewhere
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