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SO, another show done, this one being "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon?" Bit too long of a name but a good show. Funny, well animated, decent story. I'm rather hoping for a second season whenever they have enough material. Another 8/10 for me.

By the way, I realize I don't actually say much about the story or anything in these posts, but that's because I try my best to avoid spoilers. I'm just saying what I thought about the show and give it a rating. If you all would like, I can start adding the MAL link to the shows so you guys can check them out if you feel so inclined. Anyway, see you all again next time I finish a show. Peace.

P.s. Just started Nobunaga Concerto, and while the story seems interesting, the animation is weiiiiiiiiiiird. Not sure I'm gonna finish this one.

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