ConspiracyWill their be a conflict?Posted:

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Will their be a conflict between USA and Russia over Syria, like WW3?

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Yes , I just got this feeling. How the Russians responded weren't happy.
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Who knows at this point, just powerful people comparing dick sizes at the moment. The Russians would be stupid to take it further though. They don't have the backup.

But war between Russia and other countries has been inevitable for years. Just a question of when.
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It's ridiculous, the only people who have a say are those in Power, if it was up to the people who lived in these countries, we'd be against their actions lol..
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I think there may be a start of ww3

But because of what the usa said the uk and france told donald they would back him up so now there 3 countrys all total

If it was down to the people who lived in these countrys and not the people who have the power most of the population would be against war. Why should our soilders go to war over fuel and oil its pertetic if you ask me instant people dying on the frontline for what the govement to make a profit
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Russia seems to only be threatening military action against the US if any of their soldiers are hurt or killed as a direct result of US, UK or Frances' actions.

So no, I think things will calm down now because the strike seems to have been a one time action and no Russian soldiers were hurt or killed.
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No, there won't. It's a tense moment, relations with Russia or Syria aren't good but, when have they ever been?

I hate logging on to Twitter and reading people saying that they're scared, that World War III is inbound and disrespecting the troops because they believe they're part of the 'government killing machine'. I've literally read people asking others to stop enlisting in the Armed Forces... Twitter is really full of softies.
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Craig wroteThe Russians would be stupid to take it further though. They don't have the backup.

They have Iran, who we lost in war simulations with.
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I'd say there is a good chance for it, yeah. Will it happen though? Possibly not. I don't think Putin is that dumb to put his country to death, because that's what would happen if they went to war with us.
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why wouldnt there be, we just bombed syria
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