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I mean non stop (Of course you would have to drink and eat and go to the bathroom) mine would have been when MWR released I played straight for 10 hours i would say. I was a no life that day lol. What about yours?

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a couple years ago i really got into a game called warframe and i player it for almost 25h straight including small eating breaks and such but thats highschool summers for a nerdy ki XD
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I get so bored of games now so I rarely do long runs of any game.

Back when I was properly into League Of Legends, I'd say my max would be about 12-16 hours. Fairly easy to do since games are quite long.
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Not sure how long maybe 18-24h on double Xp weekend for bo2
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When MW2 came out, i bunked off school just to get to 10th prestige
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Me and my friends used to grind BO2 when a DLC came out, those double xp weekends were great. Same for MW3. Longest time I would say would be 16 hours

Ashamed of it now, but we were all there at some point
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Probably GTA V when it first came out, Football manager would come close though.
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26 hours, and it was BO2 on release day!
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MW2 when it got released and that was for 15 hours straight no stopping
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When the division came out played 3 days straight toke 2-3 hour nap between each day
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