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to make the long story short. i only have 1 friend that skates and he barely comes out and i realized skating with friends is a lot more fun. so what do i do? i could go to the skatepark but they're all like 20, way better than me, and idk how to even throw myself in their group

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Hanging with older people is cool usually they are always nice. Plus skating takes practice I mean I can't do it but if you just tell them you're not crazy good I'm sure they will understand. Just keep practicing and a skate park is a great place to practice as well it's also a great place to make friends. But long story short you should just go there to have people to skate with and learn to get better!

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just go to the park and say whats up. who cares if theyre better than you, we were all trash at one point. im sure theyd be happy to give you some tips.
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Dude, skateboarders are normally the most accepting and fun loving people around. Go to the skatepark and enjoy yourself, and you will meet people there. Age doesn't mean anything!
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When i first started BMX i would just hang at the skate park and you soon make friends.
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Just go to the park or just skate around, your most likely to find other skaters, and just start speaking to them.

Skaters are probably the most chilled people.
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i used to street skate tried park skating and made alot of friends who helped me learn the hard tricks, just go say whats up and what not skaters are accepting at least the ones i seen
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As everyone has stated in all the previous posts. Regardless of age or skill level unless you are straight up trying to make a joke out of it they will accept you into the sort of click and talk to you. Skaters most of the time are some of the coolest ****. Skating takes a time to get good at unless you got some background in surfing/snowboarding. Keep trying and ask some questions they may not look the part of good teachers but they will prob teach you some real shit.
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I skate personally, and I feel like I meet new people all the time whenever I go to skate parks my dude.
You just gotta be social and not scared to talk to people if thats the way you are, the skate park is definitely a good way to boost confidence with your social skills and meeting new people

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The easiest way to make new friends that skate is to do what you said in your original post, just get out there. Who cares if the people at the skate park are older than you? Just get in there and have fun. They are there in a public space to make friends and skate just like you.
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