Xbox OneDo you think the Xbox One will ever be exploited?Posted:

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What are YOUR thoughts?

Does anyone know if we currently have professionals working on them already?!

I think Xbox One RGHs should be made because if not than I believe the modding industry will die out completely within the years which would be really upsetting. I would hate to see the modding industry die out personally, I love all the specs of modding and I really enjoy it. I am addressing this to the modders and people that love to mod to make games more enjoyable at times
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I'm sure it certainly will be its just a matter of when.
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Yes, there have been some minor breakthroughs itll just be a question of when and to what extent
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They said when the Xbox one x came out. Here it is 6 months later and nothing yet
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I think it's gonna be hard , with all these updates . I think Microsoft patched when there was a breakthrough.
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i hope not they should keep next gen legit

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I wouldn't say its never gonna happen or that modding is dead. Modding i think will never be dead no matter what its on. Someone will always want to mod something somehow weather it be a game on PC or Console. Also it may appear like its dead because less people are doing it now and talking about it. But if an exploit had to be release i bet there wouldn't be anything holding people back from trying to get mods again. Once 1 person finds out about it the more that start to catch on. As for an exploit/jtag ect happening i wouldn't say its totally not possible but if i remember right from the 360 the first exploit was actually found through a bug in the hardware (Correct me if i'm wrong) Microsoft will have of course learned from that this time around. Also everything would be different if an exploit where to happen on Xbox now a days... We could be limited by stuff due to cloud servers ect being a huge part of there services now a days. Also there other matters of getting banned how we solve that. If/When this happens i feel it'll be a bit by bit process. The 360 exploit wasn't perfected totally until the RGH released and that alone took a number of years. Yeah we had Jtags ect but there was only really a small userbase that actually had those consoles due to it being limited to a certain update. These are just my thoughts i would like to see some form of modifications on this gen i think it could be pretty cool more potential.
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I think it will eventually, but it needs a lot of looking into.
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It was until Team Vantage removed the xbox one cloud storage explorer / your save extractor, only good start it was.. shame
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Hopefully someone can breach the system..
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